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A/Prof. Lee is one of the most published endocrine surgeons in Melbourne.

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Academic and published works

A/Prof. Lee is a highly experienced, and is one of the most published endocrine surgeons in Melbourne. He has published widely in high-impact surgical journals on topics related to thyroid surgery, parathyroid surgery and adrenal surgery. He has also co-authored several chapters in endocrine surgical textbooks.

Discover a full list of A/Prof. James Lee’s published works below. 


Peer-reviewed journal articles


  • “Quantifying the Differences in Surgical Management of Patients with Definitive and Indeterminate Thyroid Nodule Cytology” European Journal of Surgical Oncology 2020:46(2):252-7, R Stewart, YJ Leang, C Bhatt, S Grodski, J Serpell, J C Lee
  • “An update of the 2019 Annual Academic Surgery Conference” ANZJS 2020;90(3):200-1, C Di Bella, J C Lee, C Koh, P Mukherjee, M Smithers
  • Response to letter to editor re: “Routine preoperative laryngoscopy for thyroid surgery is not necessary without risk factors” Thyroid 2020, J C Lee, D Maher, S Goare, E Forrest, S Grodski, J Serpell
  • “Investigation of Recurrent Laryngeal Palsy Rates for Potential Associations During Thyroidectomy” ANZJS 2020 DOI: 10.1111/ans.16166, A Moreira, E Forrest, J C Lee, E Paul, M Yeung, S Grodski, J Serpell
  • “An Australian perspective on the impact of COVID-19 for urgent surgical patients” ANZJS 2020 in pressm, R Chen, C Gillespie, K Jassal, M Read, J C Lee
  • “Delayed presentation of breast necrotising fasciitis due to COVID-19 anxiety” ANZJS 2020 in press, R Chen, C Gillespie, K Jassal, M Read, J C Lee
  • “Blunt abdominal trauma resulting in ovarian mucinous cystadenoma rupture” ANZJS 2020 in press, T Yang, K Jassal, E Ban, J C Lee, J Serpell
  • “Disseminated Nocardiosis with adrenal abscess masquerading as metastatic adrenal cancer in an immunocompetent adult” ANZJS in press, T Langmaid, J C Lee, M Yeung, Z Meher-Homji, J Serpell, K Jassal, S Grodski
  • “Challenges in diagnosis and management of a spiradenocarcinoma: a case report” Euro J Surg Case Rep in press, K Wagner, K Jassal, J C Lee, E Ban, R Cameron, J Serpell
  • “Surgical challenges of giant parathyroid adenomas weighing 10 g or more” ANZJS in revision, S Prabhakaran, C Bhatt, J Serpell, S Grodski, J C Lee
  • “Non-diagnostic sonography may reduce negative appendicectomy rate in women when combined with abbreviated Alvarado Score” ANZJS 2021, S Bappayya, F Chen, M Alderuccio, E Xu, Nikil Vootukuru, J C Lee
  • “Increased rate of hemithyroidectomy in patients with low-risk papillary thyroid cancer post 2015 American Thyroid Association Guidelines” submitted to Annals of Surgical Oncology, M Adhami, C Bhatt, S Grodski, J Serpell, J C Lee
  • “Speaking up and speaking out: gender diversity in the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Annal Scientific Congress scientific programme” submitted to World Journal of Surgery, J Farrar, F Stanzah, B Crammond, S Wong, J C Lee, C Lai


  • “Anti-thyroid antibodies and TSH as potential markers of thyroid carcinoma and aggressive behaviour in patients with indeterminate fine needle aspiration cytology” World Journal of Surgery 2019;44(2):363-70, M Adhami, P Michail, A Rao, C Bhatt, S Grodski, J Serpell, J C Lee
  • “Routine Pre-operative Laryngoscopy for Thyroid Surgery Not Necessary Without Risk Factors” Thyroid 2019;29(11):1646-52, D Maher, S Goare, E Forrest, S Grodski, J Serpell, J C Lee
  • “Thyroidectomy Then and Now: A 50-Year Australian Perspective” World Journal of Surgery 2019;43(12):1022-8, B Hii, D Maher, M Yeung, J Serpell, J C Lee
  • “Changes in tracheal tube cuff pressure and recurrent laryngeal nerve conductivity during thyroid surgery” World Journal of Surgery 2019:44(2):328-33, J Taylor, K Soeyland, C Ball, J C Lee, J Serpell
  • “The Non-Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve, a Freak of Nature” ANZJS ePub Oct 2019, K Lam, E Tan, J C Lee
  • “Future is bright for academic surgery in Australasia: highlights of the 2018 Academic Meetings” ANZJS 2019;89(7-8):798-9, J C Lee, P Mukherjee, C Koh, M Smithers


  • “Adrenal Incidentaloma follow-up is influenced by patient, radiological and medical provider factors: a review of 804 cases” Surgery 2018;164(6):1360-5, D Maher, E Williams, S Grodski, J Serpell, J C Lee
  • “Body Weight Change is Unpredictable after Total Thyroidectomy” ANZJS 2018;88(3):162-6, Ron Glick, P Chang, J Serpell, S Grodski, J C Lee
  • “Re: Body weight change is unpredictable after total thyroidectomy” Response letter to the editor. ANZJS 2018;88(6):655-6, J C Lee, S Grodski, J Serpell
  • “Total thyroidectomy for pressure symptoms in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis” ANZJS 2018;88(4):359-62, K Heggie, M Yeung, Si Gordski, J C Lee, J Serpell
  • “A case of segmental arterial mediolysis” Case Reports2018;2018:bcr-2017-223731M Britto, M Lukies, C Milne, T Joseph, J C Lee
  • “Invited Commentary to Static Prognostic Factors and Appropriate Surgical Designs of Patients with MTC: The 2nd Report of a Single-Institution Study in Japane” World Journal of Surgery 2018;42(12):3967-8, J C Lee
  • “Future-proofing academic surgery in Australia and New Zealand: the Annual RACS Joint Academic Meeting” Perspective ANZJS 2018;88(3):130-1, S Aitken, J C Lee, M Smithers


  • “Severe hyperkalaemia complicating parathyroidectomy in patients with end-stage renal disease” Anaesth Intensive Care 2017;45(3)365-8, M Pauling, J Serpell, J C Lee, S Wilson
  • Response to the letter to the editor regarding “Quantitative study of voice dysfunction after thyroidectomy” Surgery 2017;162(3):692-3, J C Lee, S Grodski, M Yeung, J Serpell


  • “Temporal Analysis of Thyroid Cancer Management in a Tertiary Referral centre in Melbourne (2007 – 2013)” ANZ J S 2016, J Lee, P Chang, S Grodski, M Yeung, W Johnson, J Serpell
  • “A quantitative study of voice dysfunction after thyroidectomy” Surgery 2016, J Lee, D Breen, A Scott, S Grodski, M Yeung W Johnson, J Serpell
  • “Surgery for parathyroid microadenomas: patient characteristics, localisation success, operative cures” ANZ J S 2016, K Suter, W Johnson, M Yeung, J Serpell, J Lee*, S Grodski* (* Senior authors)
  • “Body Weight Change is Unpredictable after Total Thyroidectomy” (Submitted to Surgery) 2016, Ron Glick, P Chang, J Serpell, S Grodski, J Lee
  • “An update on Indeterminate Follicular Cytology (Bethesda Categories 3 and 4) – An analysis of 972 patients” (Submitted to Asian Journal of Surgery) 2016, Yit Leang, M Yeung, S Grodski, W Johnson, J Serpell, J Lee


  • “Electromyographic amplitude changes in the laryngeal adductors during thyroidectomy” International Journal of Surgical Research and Practice 2015; 2:022, J Lee, SL Wong, W Johnson, M Yeung, S Grodski, M Bailey, J Serpell
  • “Papillary Thyroid Cancer Derived Exosomes Contain miRNA-146b and miRNA-222” Journal of Surgical Research 2015, J Lee, JT Zhao, J Gundara, J Serpell, L Bach, S Sidhu
  • “Stressing the recurrent laryngeal nerve during thyroidectomy” ANZJ Surgery 2015, J Serpell, J Lee, W Chiu, G Edwards





Book chapters

  • “Surgical Management of Recurrent and Retrosternal Goiters” TextBook of Endocrine Surgery, Ed Orlo Clark, Quan Duh, published by JP Medical Publishers (in press) 2013, J Lee, S Sidhu
  • “The Thyroid Gland” A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice — Endocrine Surgery, 5th Ed Tom Lennard, published by Elsevier 2013, J Lee, J Gundara, S Sidhu
  • “Multinodular Goitre” Thyroid Diseases and Surgery, Ed. Adnan Isgor, published by Avrupa Tip Kitapcilik (Oct 2011, Turkey), J Lee, L Delbridge
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