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Welcome to A/Prof. James Lee, leading endocrine and general surgeon in Melbourne!

If you’re here, you were most likely referred to A/Prof. Lee for a procedure. A/Prof. Lee offers many branches of both general surgical procedures and endocrine procedures to address a variety of concerns and health issues. A/Prof. Lee is highly regarded in the surgical field as he specialises in endocrine procedures and is highly experienced in his craft.

A/Prof. Lee is a strong advocate of patient-centred care and endeavours to provide a personalised treatment plan for each individual patient. With his experience in research and teaching, he is able to provide his patients with the latest evidence in their treatment options, while actively engaging them in the decision-making process throughout their treatment. In addition to surgical recommendations, A/Prof. Lee sees patient education and effective communication as essential elements to his patients’ journey to recovery.

A/Prof. Lee treats private patients at Epworth Richmond and Knox Private Hospital; and uninsured patients at The Alfred Hospital, Monash Medical Centre and Casey Hospital. He is also an adjunct associate professor at Monash University.

With his training in both clinical and academic surgery, A/Prof. Lee provides up-to-date surgical services to his patients, in a personal and friendly manner.

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All surgical procedures carry risks. Before proceeding, you should consult a surgeon with a FRACS qualification. For endocrine procedures, you should consult a member of ANZ Endocrine Surgeons.